What is Love?

Sometimes I feel like English breaks down for me and people are speaking a foreign language. Had dinner with a friend who is going through a break up. They said, of their now ex-partner, something to the effect of, “I love this person, but I am not in love with them. I mean, I care about them.” […]

Relationship Anarchy Means Not Knowing How Many Partners You Have

In the four months since my most recent break up, I’ve done massive amounts of personal growth. When I first came to poly, it was because I fell in love with a friend who was already in a long-distance polyamorous relationship. I did a lot of work to learn about poly to be with her […]

What do you need to bloom?

I’ve had a longstanding interest in gender and sexuality, and the proliferation of new terms to describe gender and sexual orientation I think is a wonderful thing. I first heard the term demisexuality a few years ago on-line, as someone who does not feel sexual attraction without the presence of an emotional bond. The definition resonated […]

Uterine Update

I feel like I should have been numbering these. I’ve been dealing with some personal stress, so by the time I remembered to make my tea, it was mid-week before I anticipated starting my cycle. I started bleeding four days earlier than anticipated. Either it is due to said stress, or my body is reverting […]

Aunt Flo Update

I really need some kind of catchy title for these things. Was more aware of making my rosehip and red raspberry tea this month and drinking it. I played around a little with white willow bark, but you aren’t supposed to mix it with naproxen and I’m on the fence about its utility alone. Also added […]

Wedding Bells in Austin, Oct 23

On October 23 at 8pm, Stephanie Vela Anderson is marrying her dildo, “Glen Potter.” The wedding ceremony, which will take place at Mister Tramps in Austin, is part performance art and part fundraiser for Anderson’s upcoming documentary about mental illness, entitled “Heartlight.” A video of the happy couple can be found here. In an interview, […]