Cooking for One

I know that when I first started cooking for myself in college, it was usually something like boxed rice a roni or mac n cheese + frozen vegetable + canned beans or tuna or salmon most of the time. Needless to say, I’ve come a long way.

And yes, it’s true that there isn’t much in the way of compelling recipes for one and that making a recipe that feeds 6-8 feed only one instead is not worth the effort. But that doesn’t have to mean you’re relegated to take out, delivery, and wasted food.

I’ve been cooking for myself for almost ten years now, and I promise, it gets better. Like any other skill – practice makes perfect.

Getting By

It’s bizarre to me that buying myself $10 of cheap vegetables can feel decadent. Maybe I’ve never been quite this poor before. In college there was student loan money every semester and free pizza at club meetings or free food left in the Fine Arts office. In graduate school I didn’t have to drive my […]