It was raining when I got off work today and I was running late for yoga so I figured I’d make the rest of the trek home in the semi-light and just not worry about the fact that my pass is going to expire Saturday with an unused class. I can make up the $10 with the money I got from State Farm and just practice driving in the rain.

And it went well, despite people being jerks (as always) on the road. I’ve been shifting according to the odometer readings in the owner’s manual since I don’t have a tachometer but today in the rain and construction (went home a different way to avoid Texas Avenue and forgot there was construction) I shifted while looking at the road because I heard the engine and responded automatically.

I think that’s progress.

In other news, I have decided not to get a PhD next fall. But I also don’t want to be stuck at this job forever, so I am researching companies who do devised work in the general┬ávicinity. Nothing solid yet, but one never knows what having one’s name out there as a bug in someone’s ear will bring.

Only time will tell.

But I need to work on some artistic project or I am going to go crazy. Maybe I should just do performance art in the street or something. Anyone with me?

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