Play a Day: No, Thanks

A woman walking down the sidewalk. Various people holding flyers, handouts, or posters are occupying the space ahead of her. She tries to navigate her way through them, refusing their requests. The more she refuses, the more adamant they become. They knock her to the ground, trying to shove the flyers and handouts into her […]

The Identity Project

What defines you? Finding the answer(s) to that seemingly simple yet hugely profound question is the cornerstone of Sarah Deragon’s LGBTQ portrait series, The Identity Project. The Identity Project is a series of portraits meant to reflect the beautiful diversity of the LGBTQ community, explore the labels LGBTQ individuals use to define their sexuality and […]

Play a Day: Alone Time

A woman is trying to work on a project in a public place. She keeps being interrupted – whether by noise/conversation, people bumping into her chair, or people asking if anyone is sitting in the empty chair at her table. She goes home and tries to work in the common areas of the house. Still […]

Play a Day: Mother

A woman stands in front of the card shelf at a store. A large sign overhead says, “Mother’s Day” with the date. The woman stares at the sappy Hallmark sentiments silently. A voice from off-stage recites an endless litany of negativity, criticism, guilt-tripping, emotional blackmail, and and unsolicited advice.