I quite the Mamma Jamma breast cancer ride. Apparently it’s too hard to have three jobs and pick up odd jobs sometimes and do adult things and sustain intimate relationships and also train for a bike ride.

Even when I overestimate myself it’s hard to face my own limitations. I never want to feel I’ve let anyone down.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want from my life.

I’ve had my current jobs long enough that my brain isn’t so occupied by learning to do them.

And with trying to find a new roommate, I’m thinking about the future again.

I don’t really have a 5 year plan or anything, but I don’t want to just drift.

So here are some things I want in no particular order:

– Use my passport before it expires in 2018.
– Visit my friends in Chicago
– Find a better-paying freelance writing gig related to arts, culture, gender, sexuality, etc.
– perform more stuff I write
– find 2-3 other people who’d be interested in going in on a house together somewhere in Austin
– go to a comic convention for free as press
– present writing at a conference again
– make my house feel more like a home

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