Play a Day: Perspective

A piece of art hangs on the wall. Visitors stand in front of it to look. They crane their heads to the side. They climb a ladder. They walk to the back of the theatre. They hang upside down. They close their eyes and run their hands across the canvas. They sit cross-legged on the […]

Play a Day: Distraction

A woman is trying to complete a project. Someone comes to make a bid for her attention. Someone else comes by, sure what they need done is more important. Repeat. Repeat. Soon, the woman is surrounded on all sides by people vying for her attention, literally trying to pull her in multiple directions.

Play a Day: Alone Time

A woman is trying to work on a project in a public place. She keeps being interrupted – whether by noise/conversation, people bumping into her chair, or people asking if anyone is sitting in the empty chair at her table. She goes home and tries to work in the common areas of the house. Still […]

Play a Day: One Step Forward

The Woman originally from Day 11 has turned the fishbowl upside down and dumped the slips of paper into a pile on a desk. She works feverishly, occasionally reaching over to the side without looking to grab another slip. Eventually, she reaches her hand out but only feels the table. She taps around for a […]

Play a Day: In and Out

A woman is waiting in a long line. Everyone in the line is holding stacks of cash. At the end of the line is a counter. Above the counter is a sign that reads “Housing.” When the woman gets to the front of the line, she hands the teller her stack of money. She waits […]