Play a Day: Distraction

A woman is trying to complete a project. Someone comes to make a bid for her attention. Someone else comes by, sure what they need done is more important. Repeat. Repeat. Soon, the woman is surrounded on all sides by people vying for her attention, literally trying to pull her in multiple directions.

Play a Day: Time Flies

A page a day calendar hangs on the wall. A woman is working hard, but facing away from it. As the sun rises and sets, someone comes along behind her, tearing off a new page to reveal the next day’s date. The woman doesn’t notice them. Eventually, the woman looks up. She is startled at […]

Time Management

I read an article recently, which I cannot find, which gave reference to the idea that time management is impossible under capitalism. That it’s a trick, basically. That it is a Sisyphean task which we will never actually be able to accomplish. I think I am starting to believe that. Already, I’m not spending as […]

Play A Day: Time Sensitive

A room with a window through which the moon can be seen. A large clock on the wall. It is 10pm, say. A woman sits at a desk near the window working.  Lights down. Lights up. 11:15pm.  The woman is watching a show on television. Lights down. Lights up. 12:30am. The woman looks at the […]