Photo by Lauren Manning via Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by Lauren Manning via Flickr Creative Commons

Haven’t meant to neglect this, but a lot has been happening.

A lot.

Trying to cover OUTsider Festival and do bookselling for several off-site conferences made me realize my current lifestyle isn’t as sustainable as I wanted to think it was. Between working and trying to maintain any semblance of intimate relationships, I’ve had to back off a little bit on writing for now.

I’ve also been getting help from a friend to expand my housecleaning into an actual business. I was hoping to get things ready to start taking clients in May, but some news I got today is making that more pressured, so I just have to go for it.

Another batch of orange-infused vinegar is in the works, I have a DBA for Travis County and a new g-mail account, and I spent some¬†money I don’t have today to start working on home-made cleaners and getting everything ready so that I don’t have to feel like I’m scrambling when we start putting pamphlets and business cards out there and someone wants to make an appointment.

Trying to breathe and trust in the Universe.

If I can get (literally) a handful of (well-to-do) cleaning clients in Austin I can work much closer to 20-hours a week and then you will be hearing a lot more from me.

But for the next month or so, if there’s not much more than cross-posted content from my freelance writing job, now you know why.

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