Review: Come As You Are

Everything you think you know about sex, desire, and sexuality is wrong. Probably. That’s one of many lessons to take away from Emily Nagoski’s new book Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life. Combining science and psychology with the stories of women she has helped over decades of […]

The Legality of Upskirt Photos; OR Ridiculous Things We Debate in the US

The most recent example of “holy crap how misogynistic is our legal system?!” comes to us from Oregon. Earlier this week, lawmakers in the Oregon Senate unanimously passed a bill which would help close a loophole currently allowing “upskirt” photographs of women to remain in the “terrifyingly legal” category. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. It’s […]

Review: Zach Theatre’s In the Next Room

ZACH Theatre’s In The Next Room (or the vibrator play) is directed by Sarah Rasmussen, head of UT Austin’s MFA Directing program and former Associate artistic director of ZACH Theatre. Originally produced on Broadway in 2009, In The Next Room is set in the late 19th century at the home of Dr. Givings, a doctor and scientist […]

BOOK REVIEW: Girlfag: A Life Told in Sex and Musicals

Janet W. Hardy pulls no punches in her memoir regarding the road less traveled when it comes to sexuality and intimate relationships. Hardy’s own life story is interspersed with the fictional characters and musical plots which informed it, as well as some historical figures whose stories as told through Hardy’s lens might be surprising. The […]