We all internalize narratives about ourselves and the world from the culture in which we grew up. Some of those narratives serve us. Others don’t. The good news is, we can pick and choose which of those narratives we choose to believe as adults, and discard the rest. The bad news is, it isn’t easy. If there’s a story you’re telling yourself or someone else that has you stuck, come see me. If you’re feeling ashamed of a particular identity or interest or just don’t know how to tell others about it, come see me. I’ve been doing the work of healing myself from shame, invalidation, and internalized toxic messages for the better part of a decade; I can help.

Dana offers sliding scale identity and relationship coaching and workshops as a way to build community, perform identity, and draw on the power of narrative and storytelling to shape our lives and goals.

Dana also offers consultations and workshops to mental health professionals and educators working with clients in the LGBTQIA+, BDSM, and/or poly communities.

Some examples of possible coaching topics:

– Public Speaking

– Relationship Advice

– Communication / Conflict Resolution Techniques

– Community Building

– Opening Up Relationship(s) / Poly / Non-monogamy


– Gender Identity

– BDSM / fetish / kinks

– Not sure if I can help you? Ask!


Individuals, couples, friends, roommates, and larger groups are all welcome. LGBTQIA+, kink, and poly-aware.

Coaching available via phone, Skype, and in person. Sliding scale from $20-60/hr. Payment in cash or via Square.

Dana is also on Fiverr for coaching and social justice advocacy

For more information or to schedule an appointment, fill out this contact form.