How to Move Forward

I attended the OUTsider Festival again this year in Austin, and again they totally hit it out of the park. Five days of fabulous queer art and community here in Austin. So much discussion about the relationships between sexuality in art, queer space and place, diversity and representation in art, art and activism. I’m still […]


This piece was originally performed at Greetings, from Queer Mountain, an open mic night in Austin, Texas, in August 2015. We don’t always finish what we start. Society tells us that quitters never win, but sometimes what we almost do or almost become can define us as much as anything else in life. Sometimes, the […]

Play a Day: Blank Slate

Maybe The reason I have never gotten a tattoo Is a hold-over From my days as an actress. The desire To be a blank slate. Inhabiting the skin of another on a whim Without any brands to give me away. Who’s to say who I am? I could be anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. Never wanting to […]

Austin International Drag Festival

How do drag performers network? What resources do new or developing drag performers have when it comes to getting their work seen by the right people? What might it look like to create an organization devoted to education and promotion of drag-related issues? These were among the questions Jamie Bancroft started to ask himself last […]

Austin’s Fusebox Festival: The Measure of All Things

There are times when I’m reminded that performance can be a transformative event, and am honored to witness the magic uniquely found when a group of individuals come together to share their time, energy, and attention with one another. The opening night of Austin’s Fusebox Festival proved to be just such a moment. When I […]

Play a Day: Catharsis

The stage is filled with spectators facing the audience, as if they are watching a live performance. Light from a projection screen hits their faces. Most of the spectators are in semi-darkness. One woman center stage is illuminated by a spotlight. The audience in the theatre watches her (and the other spectators if they wish) […]

Austin’s Fusebox Festival

After the crowds and craziness of SXSW, many Austinites may feel ready to swear off the festival circuit all together. It’s important to remember, however, that all festivals are not created equal. Austin’s Fusebox Festival is coming back April 1-12, featuring over fifty events hosted in over twenty different Austin locations. This year, the Fusebox experience […]