Play a Day: Touch and Go

Someone is trying to wrangle a bunch of baby animals – baby chicks, say – into a pen. But there are too many, and the pen is full of holes, so some keep escaping. And while the person is grabbing them, yet more escape.

Liberation vs Equality: The Way Forward for the Queer Movement

On Friday, in a landmark ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that all 50 states must recognize and perform same-sex marriage ceremonies, citing the 14th Amendment. Before the vote, there were 13 states in which same-sex marriage was illegal. For many LGBTQ individuals, the ruling represents a major milestone in the road toward equality, and […]

Play a Day: Thub-Dub

Lying awake with my head on the chest of a sleeping person gently cupping my wrist, and feeling their chest rise and fall, and feeling their body so totally relaxed, makes me realize why puppies and kittens sleep better with a ticking clock in their bed.

Play a Day: It Feels Like a Curse

Even if you don’t believe in Adam and Eve The pain makes you want to rip¬†your guts out It already feels that way, so you might not notice until they were gone If you hate your ovaries and your uterus, can they feel it? How am I supposed to love a body that leaves me […]

The Ongoing Fight for Reproductive Justice

Anti-choice constituents have long held that abortion is murder, but until recently, no one had actually tried to press charges against a woman for the loss of a pregnancy. Back in April, the state of Indiana charged Purvi Patel with feticide after she suffered a miscarriage in her home. Then, last week in Georgia, Kenlissia […]