The Legality of Upskirt Photos; OR Ridiculous Things We Debate in the US

The most recent example of “holy crap how misogynistic is our legal system?!” comes to us from Oregon. Earlier this week, lawmakers in the Oregon Senate unanimously passed a bill which would help close a loophole currently allowing “upskirt” photographs of women to remain in the “terrifyingly legal” category. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. It’s […]

Play a Day: Love Yourself

Spotlight up on a woman jogging on a treadmill. Lights down. Spotlight up on two women, laughing over frozen yogurt with sprinkles and marshmallows. Lights down. Spotlight up on a woman answering the doorbell for the pizza delivery man. Lights down. Spotlight up on a woman relaxing in a bubble bath. Lights down. Spotlight up […]

Play a Day: Distraction

A woman is trying to complete a project. Someone comes to make a bid for her attention. Someone else comes by, sure what they need done is more important. Repeat. Repeat. Soon, the woman is surrounded on all sides by people vying for her attention, literally trying to pull her in multiple directions.

Play a Day: Time Flies

A page a day calendar hangs on the wall. A woman is working hard, but facing away from it. As the sun rises and sets, someone comes along behind her, tearing off a new page to reveal the next day’s date. The woman doesn’t notice them. Eventually, the woman looks up. She is startled at […]

Play a Day: Success

The phone rings. Like an old school rotary phone. A woman answers it. There is good news on the other end of the line. She faints onto a nearby chaise lounge from excitement. Someone else comes in, thanks the person on the line and hangs up the phone. They grab a cold compress for the […]

Trust the Universe

I’ve said it before, but in light of recent events, it bears saying again: ask for what you want, do the work, and more often than not, good things will come to you. Exhibit A: I got an e-mail confirming an interview with Glenn Greenwald next week to talk about his new book about the NSA […]