Play a Day: In the Air

A woman walks down the sidewalk. A giant flower runs into her from behind, knocking her to the ground and spilling pollen everywhere. A dust cloud swirls around the woman, spreading the pollen further. It begins to rain, and mold on a nearby tree is washed onto the sidewalk. The woman sneezes violently.


This piece was originally performed at Greetings, from Queer Mountain, an open mic night in Austin, Texas, in August 2015. We don’t always finish what we start. Society tells us that quitters never win, but sometimes what we almost do or almost become can define us as much as anything else in life. Sometimes, the […]

Play a Day: Mirror Image

Two women start out doing the mirror exercise (facing each other, one mimicking the movements of the other) but begin to get further and further out of sync until nothing they do is anything alike. Neither can agree who is leading the exercise, and their movements become increasingly frantic as each tries to assert control.

Play a Day: Blank Slate

Maybe The reason I have never gotten a tattoo Is a hold-over From my days as an actress. The desire To be a blank slate. Inhabiting the skin of another on a whim Without any brands to give me away. Who’s to say who I am? I could be anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. Never wanting to […]