Walking Past Midnight

Walking Past Midnight It’s 12:30amAndAfter a long daySittingAnd sittingIn front of my laptopI need toMoveMyBodyBefore I can sleep. So I do the unthinkableFor a white assigned female bodyGrab my walletPut on my sandalsAnd go for a walk. It might seem like a small thingIt is in a wayButIn another wayNot.Every message I received growing upWould […]

#MeToo and Feminist Television

I recently saw this meme circulating on Facebook, including a request for on-line streaming films and television series which would pass all of the listed “tests.” I struggled to immediately think of any shows which would pass every test simultaneously (except perhaps The Great British Baking Show). Upon reflection, I was struck by how many […]


This piece was originally performed for Greetings, From Queer Mountain Episode 37: Woman. I originally had a different piece prepared. I am going through a breakup and I had a breakthrough in therapy yesterday that got me thinking. I have this tendency to twist myself into a pretzel in relationships to make the other person […]

Review: Come As You Are

Everything you think you know about sex, desire, and sexuality is wrong. Probably. That’s one of many lessons to take away from Emily Nagoski’s new book Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life. Combining science and psychology with the stories of women she has helped over decades of […]