It’s been a long week….

Austin’s PRIDE parade is in September and the Austin Chronicle has termed this month the gayest September ever. Which means it’s a busy month for an LGBTQ Lifestyle writer in Austin. Between the Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival, the Stargayzer Music Festival, and an entire week of events coming up leading up to PRIDE […]

Review: Regarding Susan Sontag

Susan Sontag was an influential and renowned scholar, feminist, critic, filmmaker, and author – perhaps one of the last of a generation of public intellectuals, the likes of which are rarely seen now. Nancy D Kates’ new documentary film, Regarding Susan Sontag, is an in-depth look at the life and work of this inspiring and […]


Just had a lovely evening of conversation with a friend. She’s in Internet Marketing and has recently started operating her business based on gifts and gratitude; giving things away to those who need them rather than setting a fixed price for services, and letting folks contribute as they will.  Even though we’re coming at all […]

thinky thoughts…

…. to be elaborated on later… Traffic was “whew!” today… and yesterday, too, for that matter. Is everyone taking a page from my book and avoiding the highway? I had a thought today as someone cut in front of me and I decided not to honk at them because I could see how they thought […]