AGLIFF Review: Une Nouvelle Amie

Une Nouvelle Amie (The New Girlfriend) is a film by French director Fran├žois Ozon. It is utterly sweet and charming throughout. The film is at once very distinctly French and also approachable enough that I believe even viewers completely unacustomed to French film will be able to enjoy and appreciate it without any trouble. I […]

AGLIFF Review: S&M Sally

I’m ready for an honest, mature, and realistic film portrayal of BDSM and Polyamory. S&M Sally is unfortunately not that film. The film follows the story of a group of friends exploring their sexualities. Jill and Jamie, a lesbian couple, start experimenting with BDSM in their relationship. Jill is supposedly experienced, having been a regular […]

What Bill Cosby Highlights About Rape Culture

Though there have been sexual abuse allegations against Bill Cosby for over a decade, women have started coming forward in increasing numbers with accusations against him ever since comedian Hannibal Buress called Cosby out as a rapist in his stand-up act last fall. No matter how many women came forward, however, there was always a […]

Female Viagra and the Pharmacologization of Desire

What is a normal level of sexual desire? How are our conceptions about appropriate sexual desire shaped by culture? By gender norms? Is pharmaceutical intervention the best method for dealing with low libido? These are among the questions raised early last month, when an advisory committee voted in favor of conditional FDA approvel for the […]

Liberation vs Equality: The Way Forward for the Queer Movement

On Friday, in a landmark ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that all 50 states must recognize and perform same-sex marriage ceremonies, citing the 14th Amendment. Before the vote, there were 13 states in which same-sex marriage was illegal. For many LGBTQ individuals, the ruling represents a major milestone in the road toward equality, and […]