Time Management

I read an article recently, which I cannot find, which gave reference to the idea that time management is impossible under capitalism. That it’s a trick, basically. That it is a Sisyphean task which we will never actually be able to accomplish. I think I am starting to believe that. Already, I’m not spending as […]

Play A Day: Time Sensitive

A room with a window through which the moon can be seen. A large clock on the wall. It is 10pm, say. A woman sits at a desk near the window working.  Lights down. Lights up. 11:15pm.  The woman is watching a show on television. Lights down. Lights up. 12:30am. The woman looks at the […]

My Black Dog

I’ve watched this video before, where the narrator compares his depression to a black dog who follows him around. Mine feels more like an estranged relative who decides to drop by for a visit even when they know they’re unwelcome. I thought I was just stressed and overworked. But yesterday I had a complete meltdown when I […]

Quarter-Century Crisis

Lately I’ve been struggling with time management. With the bookstore gearing up for conferences and events this fall, I’m having to figure out if I can cut back hours on my other main part-time job. My attention is too divided. It turns out I can’t work three jobs and really be good at any of […]