14362721_10100587077874529_2575692037006306958_oDana has a BA in Theatre and English from Fairmont State University and a MA in Performance Studies from Texas A&M University. Dana’s writing has been published by websites such as Liminalities, the Horn, the Austinot, HowlRound, Bitch Magazine, Occupy.com, and The National Domestic Violence Hotline

Dana is a founding member of Austin Queer Yoga Collective, Gathering Ground Theatre, and Queeret Austin. Dana has volunteered with Building Connection at the Hideout Theatre and has partnered with organizations including Transform Fitness, Monkeywrench Books, Human Potential Center, Dragon’s LairOutYouth, Art Spark Texas, Austin Playback Theatre, Kids Acting Studio and Chronically Queer – Austin.

Dana is openly queer, trans non-binary, kinky, non-monogamous, and neurodivergent. Pronouns are they/them/their. This website is an archive of their personal blog and freelance writing, and is not currently super active. If you are interested in drama therapy services or professional consultation as a mental health practitioner, you can contact Dana by going here and if you are interested in coaching or peer support around gender and sexuality and/or neurodiversity, you can go here.

You can follow Dana on Twitter @DanaNSayre@Femm_Artist or on Facebook. You can also support Dana’s work via the subscription bar to your right or on PayPal’s website.

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