Lactate Intolerance

2015 is a bad time to be a worker. Not only is the minimum wage well below a living wage, but corporations seem determined to erode the rights of laborers wherever and however they can, and the government keeps siding with them. In December, the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in favor of Amazon, saying that […]

OP-ED: #ShirtStorm

I’ve been trying to stay out of the Matt Taylor #shirtstorm debates. (For those who remain blissfully unaware of the incident, here’s a recap.) It’s a complicated situation and I’m not entirely sure where my opinion lies. I also think the Internet latches onto stories and sensationalizes them unnecessarily. This article by The Atlantic‘s Conor […]

Book Review: PRO: Reclaiming Abortion Rights

If I got pregnant today, I would have an abortion. That’s not a popular thing for a woman to say in this country. But if it’s true for me, I’m sure it’s true for a lot of other women, too. In fact, I know it is. Because statistically, 1 in 3 women will have an […]

Review: Regarding Susan Sontag

Susan Sontag was an influential and renowned scholar, feminist, critic, filmmaker, and author – perhaps one of the last of a generation of public intellectuals, the likes of which are rarely seen now. Nancy D Kates’ new documentary film, Regarding Susan Sontag, is an in-depth look at the life and work of this inspiring and […]

Review: Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger

Many people probably recognize Kate Bornstein’s name from her books, including Gender Outlaw and My (New) Gender Workbook. She was also the second woman to ever receive a degree from Brown University. An author, performance artist, gender theorist, activist, and self-proclaimed trans-dyke, Bornstein has been an inspiration to many in the gender non-conforming community for […]

Review: Kumu Hina

Frameline award-winning Kumu Hina (“Teacher Hina”) is a new documentary by directors Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson. Hamer and Wilson previously worked together on Out in the Silence, a film about LGBTQ individuals in rural America, and the discrimination and bigotry they often face. It was during an Out in the Silence screening in Hawaii […]

Another Crossroads

As a part of my freelance writing gig, I sometimes like to do performance reviews.  I went to see a show tonight, but I wish I would have done something else instead. It was 2 one-act plays based on short stories from Chekhov. I was most interested in the second half, an adaptation of “The […]

Contientious Objecter

I’ve hardly gotten anything productive done this weekend. Thinking about going to work tomorrow puts my stomach in knots. I might be able to do substitute teaching, but it doesn’t pay well and the work isn’t guaranteed. So if they hire me I still need to find something else to do part-time. And that’s proving […]