Hello Again

I know I’ve been MIA for a bit due to the NADTA conference, but I didn’t realize it had been over two weeks! It’s difficult balancing two part-time jobs, writing, and school. More difficult than I anticipated. I’ve spent the past week decompressing and trying to integrate what I have learned into how I can […]

Austin’s Ground Floor Theatre

You might be familiar with Austin local Lisa Scheps from “Off the Stage and On the Air,” a radio show she hosts each Wednesday on KOOP 91.7. Her latest brainchild is Ground Floor Theatre, a new theatrical venue in East Austin, at the corner of Airport and Springdale. The goal of Ground Floor Theatre is to foster “an environment […]

Scandal and Empire Bring Shakespearean Drama to Network Television

The accessibility and price of film and television are often seen as a threat to live performance by those who work in the theatre industry. From the very beginning, silent film threatened to eclipse the popularity of vaudeville entertainment and the livelihoods of performers all across the country. But, as PBS notes, the advent of […]

Play a Day: Waiting

Two men dressed as vagabonds sit on the stage, a la Waiting for Godot. Instead of a tree, there is a large stone, like that which might be rolled away from a tomb. One of the men is munching a carrot. As in the Wizard of Oz, a deep voice booms from off-stage, “I said […]

OUTsider Festival: Narcissister and Gay Wax Museum

I wasn’t sure what to expect when headed to see Narcissister for the opening night of OUTsider Festival in Austin. Narcissister’s name is what it sounds like; the complication of our cultural understanding of the narcissist juxtaposed with the idea of sisterhood, and how being a “sister” relates to the identities of women of color […]

Review: Thr3e Zisters at the Salvage Vanguard

Zombie feminist theatre. That’s what Thr3e Zisters, the Salvage Vanguard’s new interpretation of Anton Chekhov’s The Three Sisters, claimed to be. I was intrigued, excited. This, I thought, is a show I must see. As those familiar with the theatre world know, Chekhov adaptations are a dime a dozen. I’ve never been hugely enamored of […]

Behind BedPost Confessions

What happens when several women writing about sex-positive issues on-line start talking to each another? In this particular case, it resulted in the long-running, sex-positive, monthly live performance event BedPost Confessions here in Austin. Co-producers Mia Martina, Sadie Smythe, and Julie Gillis all met virtually through their podcasts and blogs. Sadie knew co-producerRosie Q from […]

Another Crossroads

As a part of my freelance writing gig, I sometimes like to do performance reviews.  I went to see a show tonight, but I wish I would have done something else instead. It was 2 one-act plays based on short stories from Chekhov. I was most interested in the second half, an adaptation of “The […]

Review: Zach Theatre’s In the Next Room

ZACH Theatre’s In The Next Room (or the vibrator play) is directed by Sarah Rasmussen, head of UT Austin’s MFA Directing program and former Associate artistic director of ZACH Theatre. Originally produced on Broadway in 2009, In The Next Room is set in the late 19th century at the home of Dr. Givings, a doctor and scientist […]

Margaret Cho’s MOTHER (REVIEW)

Austin’s Paramount, built in Baroque Revival style, was a beautiful location for the show. The walls and ceiling were filled with ornate and elaborate decorations, including a painting of an angel and gargoyles of what might have been Dionysus on either side by the gallery seating. The Paramount was also appropriate for this particular event as […]