thinky thoughts…

…. to be elaborated on later… Traffic was “whew!” today… and yesterday, too, for that matter. Is everyone taking a page from my book and avoiding the highway? I had a thought today as someone cut in front of me and I decided not to honk at them because I could see how they thought […]

5-yr plan

Long story short… don’t have one. Not really I guess. I’ve been thinking about it ever since that job interview I tanked before getting the job I have now because that was one of the questions they asked I didn’t know how to answer. So this is the short and sweet version for now, written […]

Poly Roadblocks

Slowly but surely I’m getting better at this poly thing. I can literally feel it. Feel it in the way the jealousy bites at me, but then some part of me rejects it, and it turns into a self-analyzing moment with the potential for personal growth. I don’t want to be jealous. That doesn’t change […]