Walking Past Midnight

Walking Past Midnight It’s 12:30amAndAfter a long daySittingAnd sittingIn front of my laptopI need toMoveMyBodyBefore I can sleep. So I do the unthinkableFor a white assigned female bodyGrab my walletPut on my sandalsAnd go for a walk. It might seem like a small thingIt is in a wayButIn another wayNot.Every message I received growing upWould […]

On Kindness

This is the only thing I will say, re: Ellen. I *do* think that we should be kind, but what kindness actually means can be lost in nuance. I think that a lot of people conflate kindness with being “nice.” Acting nice is a behavior, being kind is a part of a person’s moral and […]

Turning Things Around

Y’all. I did a thing. I’m very proud of myself. I turned my day around. I was at work today and feeling grumpy. I sprained my ankle Monday after class, and even though I had it propped up at work, it was hurting. Injuring my ankle also meant I was behind on the seemingly endless […]

The Planner

Today on the playground a little girl ran up to myself and another TA. “So-and-so and so-and-so won’t play with me!” she said. “I keep asking and asking and they keep saying no.” All we could do was validate her feelings and explain that sometimes other kids won’t want to play, and then you have […]