Food of Love

After a trip to the grocery store and the farmer’s market, my cupboards and refrigerator are heavy laden with food to be prepared for Friendsgiving this week. As the holidays approach, I am reminded that feeding people is a labor of love for me. It’s one of the ways I take care of myself, and […]

Days Like This

A friend once asked me why I reference my day “off” in quotation marks. It’s because working several part-time jobs, it’s hard to really take a day off. It’s true that working from home means it’s hard to stop working. My days “off” are days I don’t need to leave the house and go somewhere […]

Less is More

Earlier this week, I hit a bit of a low point in a depression-anxiety spiral. I hadn’t been sleeping well, and having been laid up with my period, was feeling guilty and useless for not getting “enough” done, among other things. Reaching out always helps because I have a tendency to go inwards with those […]

Play a Day: Love Yourself

Spotlight up on a woman jogging on a treadmill. Lights down. Spotlight up on two women, laughing over frozen yogurt with sprinkles and marshmallows. Lights down. Spotlight up on a woman answering the doorbell for the pizza delivery man. Lights down. Spotlight up on a woman relaxing in a bubble bath. Lights down. Spotlight up […]

Play a Day: Alone Time

A woman is trying to work on a project in a public place. She keeps being interrupted – whether by noise/conversation, people bumping into her chair, or people asking if anyone is sitting in the empty chair at her table. She goes home and tries to work in the common areas of the house. Still […]