Play a Day: Family of Origin

A woman cleaning house. Woman: “Wash the dishes after dinner.” “Clean as you go while cooking.” “Put your water glass in the sink when you’re finished with it.” “Don’t leave your things in the middle of the floor.” “Fill the ice cube tray when it’s empty.” “Don’t eat in your room.” “Take your hair out […]

Play a Day: New Growth

A woman tending her garden. Woman: Plants are so resilient. Pull off all their leaves. Forget to water them. What were brown stems, dead to the onlooking eye, Pull water from deep roots and bloom anew As long as the temperature is right. May I be fortified by such strength As I harvest them for […]

Play a Day: Chicken and Egg

What appears at first glance to be a party. Upon closer observation, among those in attendance are actually depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, menstrual difficulties, and, of course, the owner of the house. Since the audience has arrived in medias res, we don’t know which guest arrived first. Think of it like a murder mystery dinner […]

Play a Day: Swipe Left

Read in the style of slam poetry. I joined Tindr to practice saying No. It’s a word women don’t say enough. No to thirsty cis male PUAs who show up on my feed of women. No to the poly woman who admits she wants a unicorn or a “piece on the side.” No to anyone […]