Read in the style of slam poetry.

I joined Tindr to practice saying No.

It’s a word women don’t say enough.

No to thirsty cis male PUAs who show up on my feed of women.

No to the poly woman who admits she wants a unicorn or a “piece on the side.”

No to anyone who says they love the outdoors or who lists more than two sports, especially if one is in all caps. No to anyone wearing athletic gear in a photo.

No to emojis.

No to group or couple photos as the default picture.

No to anyone who describes themselves as a dog person or who has a photo with a dog, unless they are super cute.

No to anyone who has a photo with a drink in their hand because you’ll want someone to go to the bar with you.

No to butches.

No to anyone who hasn’t typed anything into their profile.

No to anyone who says “you could do worse”

No to anyone who wants to hook up or “chill”

No to anyone with a photo at beach.

No to anyone with just one photo

No to anyone in town for the weekend only.

Living in my discomfort with feeling judgemental. Trusting my instincts.

Saying yes to femmes, nerds, introverts, feminists, and women with beautiful eyes and smiles.

Not taking any of this too seriously.

by Dafne Cholet via Flickr Creative Commons

by Dafne Cholet via Flickr Creative Commons

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