Yoga and Trauma

I’ve been doing yoga off and on for over a decade. In some ways, tonight felt like my first class. Tonight is the first time in memory that I have not had to abort a sequence to go into child’s pose multiple times during a class. Granted, it was not a flow class, but that […]

Days Like This

A friend once asked me why I reference my day “off” in quotation marks. It’s because working several part-time jobs, it’s hard to really take a day off. It’s true that working from home means it’s hard to stop working. My days “off” are days I don’t need to leave the house and go somewhere […]

Yoga and Strength

I’ve recently gotten back into yoga. And it’s strange. Because I know intellectually that I’m not in as good of physical shape as I might like to be. I know that I’m objectively “fat.” But even when I’m doing a modification for a pose or several, even when I have to go into child’s pose instead […]