On Books and Identity

I try to go through my possessions on a regular basis to pare them down. I do my best to adhere to the adage, “Own nothing that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Books and clothing are the two most difficult categories for me. For this post, I will […]

Play a Day: New Friends

A woman sits in a library (a home library rather than a public library). She is surrounded by books. Each book is held by the personification of itself, (possibly the personification of the author or protagonist). Several Books surround her in a circle, holding themselves open and turning their own pages for her. She swivels […]

AGLIFF Review: Une Nouvelle Amie

Une Nouvelle Amie (The New Girlfriend) is a film by French director Fran├žois Ozon. It is utterly sweet and charming throughout. The film is at once very distinctly French and also approachable enough that I believe even viewers completely unacustomed to French film will be able to enjoy and appreciate it without any trouble. I […]