Play a Day: The Strings

A woman sits asleep at a desk. She is hooked up with strings like a marionette. The invisible arm of the marketplace pulls the strings. The woman types on a keyboard, makes telephone calls, etc. The movements are choppy and should not appear at all natural. The woman’s head bobs awkwardly as she snores.

Play a Day: Time Flies

A page a day calendar hangs on the wall. A woman is working hard, but facing away from it. As the sun rises and sets, someone comes along behind her, tearing off a new page to reveal the next day’s date. The woman doesn’t notice them. Eventually, the woman looks up. She is startled at […]

Trust the Universe

I’ve said it before, but in light of recent events, it bears saying again: ask for what you want, do the work, and more often than not, good things will come to you. Exhibit A: I got an e-mail confirmingĀ an interview with Glenn Greenwald next week to talk about his new book about the NSA […]

Play a Day: One Step Forward

The Woman originally from Day 11 has turned the fishbowl upside down and dumped the slips of paper into a pile on a desk. She works feverishly, occasionally reaching over to the side without looking to grab another slip. Eventually, she reaches her hand out but only feels the table. She taps around for a […]

Play a Day: In and Out

A woman is waiting in a long line. Everyone in the line is holding stacks of cash. At the end of the line is a counter. Above the counter is a sign that reads “Housing.” When the woman gets to the front of the line, she hands the teller her stack of money. She waits […]

Play a Day: Night Owls

A crescent moon is projected on the back wall of the stage. The sounds of night. Cicadas, owls hooting, a slight breeze. Spotlight up on a woman at her desk, typing on a laptop. Lights down. Spotlight up on a grocery clerk restocking the shelves. Lights down. Lights up on a mother rocking an infant […]