Hello Again

I know I’ve been MIA for a bit due to the NADTA conference, but I didn’t realize it had been over two weeks! It’s difficult balancing two part-time jobs, writing, and school. More difficult than I anticipated. I’ve spent the past week decompressing and trying to integrate what I have learned into how I can […]

Wedding Bells in Austin, Oct 23

On October 23 at 8pm, Stephanie Vela Anderson is marrying her dildo, “Glen Potter.” The wedding ceremony, which will take place at Mister Tramps in Austin, is part performance art and part fundraiser for Anderson’s upcoming documentary about mental illness, entitled “Heartlight.” A video of the happy couple can be found here. In an interview, […]

Back to School

I’ve decided to start an alternative training program to get certified as a Registered Drama Therapist (RDT) through the North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA). What that means is that I don’t have to be accepted into a credentialed MA program. I can find what they call a Board Certified Trainer (BCT) to go through […]

Let Go

This piece was originally performed for Greetings, from Queer Mountain in September 2015. I’d like to think I’m good at letting go of things. But it’s mostly because because holding on uses up a lot of energy and I get tired! I find holding grudges to be exhausting. If I am ever in a contest […]