Quarter-Century Crisis

Lately I’ve been struggling with time management. With the bookstore gearing up for conferences and events this fall, I’m having to figure out if I can cut back hours on my other main part-time job. My attention is too divided. It turns out I can’t work three jobs and really be good at any of […]

You Should Know

I know I cannot speak for everyone; perhaps some who attempt or complete suicide don’t care. All that follows is based on my own experience. But I feel it is important to break the silence in this instance, to come out against the myth that suicide equals not caring for one reason: I know I did. I wish I could express how deeply and profoundly it’s possible to care. I wish I had words for the guilt compounding already unbearable pain and desperation.

For those who are grieving over the loss of a loved one to suicide, I want to say I feel sure they loved you very much. I am sure the thought of you kept them going for many days, weeks, or months longer than they would have otherwise. They also knew you loved them, and there is nothing you could have said or done to stop them. But love isn’t always enough.

Life and Stuff

I quite the Mamma Jamma breast cancer ride. Apparently it’s too hard to have three jobs and pick up odd jobs sometimes and do adult things and sustain intimate relationships and also train for a bike ride. Even when I overestimate myself it’s hard to face my own limitations. I never want to feel I’ve […]

Bob’s Burgers and Genderfluid Gene

I’ve been rewatching old episodes of Bob’s Burgers. In a lot of ways, the show could be considered the most sex-positive show on televison. Tina’s awkward budding sexuality gets talked about a lot on the Internet, and is certainly noteworthy. But while rewatching multiple episodes in a row recently, I found myself thinking more about […]