Walking Past Midnight

Walking Past Midnight It’s 12:30amAndAfter a long daySittingAnd sittingIn front of my laptopI need toMoveMyBodyBefore I can sleep. So I do the unthinkableFor a white assigned female bodyGrab my walletPut on my sandalsAnd go for a walk. It might seem like a small thingIt is in a wayButIn another wayNot.Every message I received growing upWould […]

Relationship Web

Our understanding of gender, sexuality, and relationships is always evolving. A friend recently shared a Facebook memory featuring the Attraction Layer Cake (https://cake.avris.it/) and we remarked that it is now dated, but neither of us knew of anything that’s been created since. So I made my own graphic, differentiating between different types of attraction to […]

On Kindness

This is the only thing I will say, re: Ellen. I *do* think that we should be kind, but what kindness actually means can be lost in nuance. I think that a lot of people conflate kindness with being “nice.” Acting nice is a behavior, being kind is a part of a person’s moral and […]