Play a Day: The Struggle

Two vagrants sitting by a tree. The first turns to the second and says, “What if life IS the struggle? The pain? The not-knowing of it all? What if we’re not supposed to push past all that to some idealistic future of perfection, but just to live in it?” The second snores, asleep. The first […]

Quarter-Century Crisis

Lately I’ve been struggling with time management. With the bookstore gearing up for conferences and events this fall, I’m having to figure out if I can cut back hours on my other main part-time job. My attention is too divided. It turns out I can’t work three jobs and really be good at any of […]

What are the odds?

I’m a pretty introspective person. That’s why I have a blog, for instance. I know that creating narratives is an important facet of human experience, and that how we make sense of our experiences and lives matters. I was re-reading this book I picked up over the summer, Hardcore Zen.¬†And I was thinking that maybe […]

Contientious Objecter

I’ve hardly gotten anything productive done this weekend. Thinking about going to work tomorrow puts my stomach in knots. I might be able to do substitute teaching, but it doesn’t pay well and the work isn’t guaranteed. So if they hire me I still need to find something else to do part-time. And that’s proving […]


Why? It seems like such an innocent question. Children ask it, after all. “Why is the sky blue?” That’s the one people always reference, right? And most of us don’t outgrow that need to question, that need to know, even when applied to larger questions, like: Why isn’t life fair? Why do people suffer? Why […]