Review: For No Good Reason

Directed by Charlie Paul, For No Good Reason <> is a documentary chronicling the life and art of Ralph Steadman. Steadman ( is a British artist most famous for his collaborations with Hunter S. Thompson in the 1960s and 70s, which marked the birth of gonzo journalism ( The film draws on current footage, as […]

Sam Killermann: It’s Pronounced Metrosexual

I was first introduced to Sam Killermann when his TED talk was played at a discussion about gender here in Austin. Killermann is the man behind “It’s Pronounced Metrosexual,” a touring comedy show about gender and sexuality. You might also know him from the Genderbread Person, an educational meme which frequently makes a circuit around […]

Well, This is Awkward

There was this moment of communication with my boss today that I don’t know how to process. There’s this breast cancer awareness bicycle ride in September. She created a team for the bookstore, and since I’m learning to ride, I joined the team and pledged the least amount of miles. Everyone who signs up also […]

Review: Disney’s Maleficent

**NOTE: This review contains SPOILERS** There’s been a lot of talk lately about whether Disney is turning a new leaf regarding its portrayals of female characters. Given the latest kerflufle with the #WeWantLeia Twitter hashtag, I remain skeptical. In fact, I refrained from seeing Disney’s Frozen because I saw mixed reviews on social media from […]

It’s Been a Rough Week

I’m pretty good at psychoanalyzing myself. It takes a few days, but eventually I can figure out what’s up with me when things go south. Usually not before I break down sobbing once or a few times, but you know, I get there. Re-acclimating myself to Reality Camp after Burning Flipside this year was HARD. […]

Gender Portraits

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Drew Johnson, a genderfluid Austin artist. Born and raised in the Austin area, Johnson graduated in 2008 from the Gemini School of Visual Arts, a 4-year vocational program in Cedar Park. Johnson’s Kickstarter campaign, Gender Portraits, was recently funded at 132% of it’s $7,500 goal. Through Gender […]