Wonder Womban Period Panties via Harebrained Designs

Wonder Womban Period Panties via Harebrained Designs

Another chapter in the chronicle of my lady bits.

This past cycle was a bit worse than the last one, but still better overall.

Moderate cramps for two days but bleeding was still down to three days instead of 5-6. More severe mood swings this time around. Kind of getting out of a depression spiral of the last week right now.

I bought “Wise Woman” tea at a local natural remedies shop and tried that in lieu of the tea I had been making the week before my cycle. This month I will go back to the red raspberry leaf tea instead. I added white willow bark to my tea this month but I didn’t remember the instructions correctly. I stuck it in with everything else to steep, but you are supposed to boil it for 15 minutes in water instead. I will do that next month and add that mixture into my steeped tea next time for cramp days.

The first month I was also making smoothies with 1/2 tsp maca powder a couple of days a week. This month I kind of fell off that. Maca helps with my energy and mood for sure, and perhaps that and chia seeds plus the magnesium from bananas in smoothies help more than I had thought, so I will buy more ingredients at the store.

Also thinking of buying magnesium supplements or just a different multivitamin that has magnesium in it.

That’s all she wrote for now. I expected trial and error to figure out the best management techniques, so all there is to do is keep plugging forward.

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  1. I may be able to offer you some magnesium capsules. I need to double check with the other parental unit as to whether or not we want to get rid of that bottle. (Opening a capsule and dumping it into applesauce for a picky eater who has not learned to swallow pills turns the applesauce a distressing color too quickly.)

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