by Dafne Cholet via Flickr Creative Commons

by Dafne Cholet via Flickr Creative Commons

The following dialogue is repeated twice. The first time the interaction is filled with joy, mutual interest, connection, and good intentions. The second time, emotions get in the way – jealousy, irritation, frustration, and everything is taken personally.

1: Hey

2: Hey

1: What’s up?

2: Have you seen my green mug?

1: The one with the leaves on it?

2: Yes.

1: Oh, I thought it was mine. I made coffee this morning and grabbed it out of the cabinet. It’s in my room.

2: It’s my favorite mug. My grandmother gave it to me.

1: Okay, okay, I will get it for you.

2: Okay.

(1 goes to get mug and handsĀ it back to 2, who takes it)

1: Do you want me to wash it?

2: I will do it.

1: Is that all?

2: Yes.

1: Okay then.

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