by Dafne Cholet via Flickr Creative Commons

by Dafne Cholet via Flickr Creative Commons

A Woman at a bank puts items in a safety deposit box.

She leaves.

A personification of Anxiety follows her.

Anxiety: Are you sure you put the envelope back in the box after you checked inside it?

Woman: Yes

Anxiety: Does the box lock automatically when you shut it and take out your key?

Woman: That’s what the teller said.

Anxiety: Are you sure you put everything back in the box?

Woman: Yes…

Anxiety: What if you need it later and it isn’t there? What if the bank gets robbed? What if you loose the key? What if the key gets stolen? What if your identity gets stolen by bank robbers and you don’t even know right away? Why would you put all your most valuable documents in one place? Doesn’t putting them in a special place make them more at risk? No one would think to look everywhere in your house unless they ripped it apart but everyone knows people only put important things in safety deposit boxes!

Woman: You watch too many movies.

Anxiety: You didn’t answer my questions!!

Woman: *sigh*

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