OP-ED: #ShirtStorm

I’ve been trying to stay out of the Matt Taylor #shirtstorm debates. (For those who remain blissfully unaware of the incident, here’s a recap.) It’s a complicated situation and I’m not entirely sure where my opinion lies. I also think the Internet latches onto stories and sensationalizes them unnecessarily. This article by The Atlantic‘s Conor […]

Behind BedPost Confessions

What happens when several women writing about sex-positive issues on-line start talking to each another? In this particular case, it resulted in the long-running, sex-positive, monthly live performance event BedPost Confessions here in Austin. Co-producers Mia Martina, Sadie Smythe, and Julie Gillis all met virtually through their podcasts and blogs. Sadie knew co-producerRosie Q from […]

What Counts as Sex

Overall, I really like my new therapist.¬†She’s open to the queer/kinky/poly stuff, and though she’s cis/straight/married/etc she seems excited to learn. Plus, she’s Canadian so there’s not the weird religious vibe about it you sometimes get with Americans. Just more of a “Hey, that’s not my experience, but what’s it like for you?” There was […]