Spotlight. Stage Right. A posh living room setup. Not quite the level of the 1%, but clearly someone well-to-do. A woman in her early to mid-thirties reclines on a chaise lounge, reading a magazine. Behind her, a woman of color in an apron stands feeding a white baby from a bottle.

Spotlight. Stage Left. A woman of color lies on the ground, a pool of blood surrounding her pelvis. Several men stand in a circle around her, arguing loudly about her fate. The woman sobs quietly. The men don’t hear it, or choose not to. The audience definitely hears it.

Stage Right. The baby starts to cry. The woman on the lounge pauses in turning the magazine page. The woman behind her starts to shush the baby and takes it into the next room. The woman on the lounge resumes reading.

Stage Left. The men disperse, still arguing as they exist stage left. The woman is left sobbing in a pool of her own blood.

Stage Right. The woman reads.

Stage Left. The woman sobs.

Lights out.

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