I feel like I should have been numbering these.

I’ve been dealing with some personal stress, so by the time I remembered to make my tea, it was mid-week before I anticipated starting my cycle. I started bleeding four days earlier than anticipated. Either it is due to said stress, or my body is reverting to its original 21-day cycle.

I didn’t notice the usual symptoms to clue me in: food cravings, bloating, mood changes. Only some breast tenderness that I couldn’t quite account for. Perhaps I accounted some emotional instability and insomnia to stress that was really due to my cycle.

Still only bleeding for three days, and no real cramps to speak of.

Thinking that the magnesium supplements are really helping. Which pisses me off in a way. I’ve been dealing with this for a decade and no doctor thought to mention a magnesium deficiency might be a contributing factor??

I like the way the tea tastes, but maybe it’s not actually necessary. Still made a batch to drink during my cycle.

At least on this front, things are looking good so far.

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