I can only ever speak from my experience.

If it has not been clear until now, the thoughts and opinions you find here are my own, and not meant to define anyone else’s experience, or to be seen as universal. I am the expert on my own experience, no one else’s.

As I have been on my journey through self-identity, it is my hope and intention that perhaps some of the insights I have had might prove useful to others who are walking a similar path. If our paths diverge, all is well. This blog represents my own self-discovery, and as a result, is quite vulnerable. I share these tender parts of myself in the hope of shining a light to those stumbling in the dark, as I have been many times.

I am also on a path of growth and change, as I hope we all are. I am constantly transforming, and shedding old skins, or that which no longer serves me. As you may note, this blog is not currently active. As such, the thoughts, opinions, and identity markers contained therein might no longer be relevant or true for me in this moment.

I welcome respectful requests for clarification, debate, or the offering of divergent viewpoints. I recognize that issues of identity politics can be quite triggering, and bring up moments when we have felt dismissed, rendered invisible, disrespected, or even threatened with annihilation.

I will not allow, however, comments containing personal attacks, hate speech, or vitriol. I only request that if you find yourself triggered by an opinion listed here, that you use a self-soothing coping mechanism or two, before returning to respond.

This boundary is not only for me, but for whoever else might read that post in the future. A triggering comment on a potentially triggering post only exponentially raises the likelihood of another triggering comment being posted, eventually erasing the likelihood that a generative conversation respectful of all the human beings involved will be able to occur.

I have been ignorant. I have been misinformed. As we all have. I am not above reproach. But I am a strong advocate for the creation of healthy relationships, which includes trust, respect, and the presumption of best intentions on both sides. And I will say again, it is possible or even likely that I have a more nuanced view now on whatever topic is in question, or have abandoned that train of thought entirely.

The Internet is not always the best space to have important conversations about culture, identity, and the ideas and beliefs which shape our world. Yet, we cannot always meet others in person who share our struggles. So here I am. And here you are.

I can hold space for many kinds of parts, and all emotions are welcome. Not all behaviors are. If anything I have said has hurt you, or hit an old wound, I sincerely apologize. And I have the tools for us to work through it together.

But I want and need for this space to model healthy communication skills, so that if there is a comments section, anyone could read it without fear. I hope you can understand.

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