On October 23 at 8pm, Stephanie Vela Anderson is marrying her dildo, “Glen Potter.”

via Facebook

via Facebook

The wedding ceremony, which will take place at Mister Tramps in Austin, is part performance art and part fundraiser for Anderson’s upcoming documentary about mental illness, entitled “Heartlight.”

A video of the happy couple can be found here.

In an interview, Anderson said, “I am not even sure why this is happening but people should expect to laugh a LOT; this is gonna be a comedy show. I want to make this documentary because mental health is not a priority in America. Everyday approximately 105 Americans die by suicide. (CDC) That number also doesn’t count small percentage of deaths that may be mistakenly ruled as accidental or a homicide. Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. (WHO) Suicide isn’t anything new; however the data, in my opinion, is a testimony to the priorities we, as a human race, have set for ourselves.”

Somethings need to change and it just isn’t happening,” Anderson continued. “From where I stand, humanity is evolving in one direction but devolving in another. The more complacent we become, the worse things get.”

Anderson plans to travel the country interviewing Internet friends who have helped her deal with depression. Funds raised as a result of this event will be applied to her travel expenses.

My documentary is about all of the friends I’ve met on the internet that suffer from mental illness,” Anderson said. “They are all brilliant and talented artists and I want to give them a platform to speak candidly about their lives and perspectives on their diagnosis. I also plan to interview those who have lost a spouse, parent, or sibling to suicide. I have lost three friends to suicide myself…this is why I am doing this.”

While there is no admission fee for the wedding, a suggested donation of $5 is appreciated. There will also be a raffle of some of Glen’s “relatives” at the event.

Before the ceremony, attendees can enjoy performances by comedians Marley Cullers, Sunanda Katragadda, Vincent Lopez, Mary Harder aka “The Lost Virgin,” and Angela Steele aka “Queen Of The Nile,” and hear from Trey Durant, LBQT rights advocate, and Megan E. Church, a local sex educator.

More details about the event can be found here.

“Depression is a fucking liar,” Anderson said. “Love yourself. And fuck yourself too.”

If you can’t make it, the couple is registered at Amazon or you can donate to help support Heartlight directlyIf you would like to buy a Glen of your own, use code GLEN23 and 20% of your purchase will go towards funding the documentary.

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