This is the only thing I will say, re: Ellen.

I *do* think that we should be kind, but what kindness actually means can be lost in nuance. I think that a lot of people conflate kindness with being “nice.” Acting nice is a behavior, being kind is a part of a person’s moral and ethical character, which then gets translated into action.

Nice: adj; pleasant or pleasing or agreeable in nature or appearance; socially or conventionally correct

Kind: adj; having or showing a tender and considerate nature; characterized by mercy and compassion.

A “nice” person does the socially correct thing and wants everyone to be happy, and tries to keep up appearances, which maintains the status quo.

A *kind* person treats everyone with compassion and love, because we are all human beings. Which means true kindness includes standing up for those who are being bullied and abused, or calling a harmful person out on their behavior, and seeing that justice is met. Kindness can, and I think must, include speaking truth to power. Kindness considers what actions will assist the most vulnerable among us, and does that, even, and most especially when, it is dangerous.

The Buddha was kind. Jesus was kind. The first tenant of most religions is a variation of, “First, do no harm.” *That* is kindness.

So say what you will about Ellen, and think what you will about GW Bush. But please, truly, don’t stop being kind. If you do, I fear humanity will not be able to survive.

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